Few weeks ago I went to Cracow. And while being there I found real gem. These days, big chains are taking over everything, restarants, shops. These small local places are disappearing. Finding small local shop where you can quickly pop in to get something, where you know shopkeeper and where you can have chat with them every time you go there. For me places like this are the heart of communities. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Place I’m talking about called Odido Only went there to get my tram tickets. And it was like I went back in time to my youth years. Shop is not very big but there’s everything on that small area. You want bread? They got it. Coffee? There it is. Newspaper, magazine? Yup, everythings there. Maybe something stroner? Not a problem. But don’t get fooled when I say about going back in time. This lady is accepting different payment methods. And her card terminal is pretty modern. I bet lots of people thinks that place like this was more expensive then others. That’s wherewe all wrong (I thought the same).

What was the best in my visit there? Two minutes after we went there we were chatting about eveyrthing. It turned out mrs Halinka is such a lovely person, very firendly and vey polite. Since then we were going there till our last day in Cracow. I really hope this place will be open for years and more people will be able to see how the true small business look like