You can no longer use the app to make profile edits, communicate with customers and so on.

The Google My Business mobile app for iOS and Android no longer allows you to manage your business profile, communicate with customers or see insights. Now when you try to access it, the app says “the Google My Business app is no longer available.”

Expected. This was expected, when Google rebranded from Google My Business to Google Business Profile last November, Google told us then that Google will retire the Google My Business app completely in 2022. That day has officially come.

Now what. Google is telling you to manage your Google Business Profile in the Google Maps app or in Google Search. Google said you can manage your Business profile, view your performance, and connect with customers directly on Google Maps and Search. You can also get notifications directly from the Google Maps app, so make sure to install that Google Maps and log in with your Business Profile.

Email. Google also emailed businesses late last night saying “beginning July 2022, the Google My Business mobile app will no longer be available, and the Google Maps app will be the best place for replying to customer messages on mobile. Turn on your notifications to ensure you’re notified by email and Google Maps push notifications for new incoming messages. You can also respond to messages from your Business Profile on Google Search.”

Here is a screenshot of the email I received:

Why we care. If you were accustomed to using the Google My Business app to communicate with customers, modify your business listing, check performance, and more – then you will need to switch to using the Google Maps app or Google Search. Again, Google has told us this change is coming and even emailed us a few times that this was going to happen soon. And it has – the Google My Business app is no longer.

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