You’d be shocked at how many simple mistakes are made when a business creates its website. It potentially misses out on customers, on upsell opportunities, and often the website doesn’t look that great either. The most frustrating part is that these problems are often easily avoidable, so with that in mind, here are some simple ways to stop that from happening to you


#1 Not getting the correct hosting

Getting the correct web hosting service is something that your business will need to nail first time, as it can be one of the sure ways to help your business expand online. However, a lot of businesses seem to get this wrong, which is a waste of money and energy that can also cost you your customers and, therefore, potentially your business.

How can you fix this?
You can fix this by switching to reliable companies that will be able to help you with a more bespoke service. In this case, smaller web hosting companies are probably one of your better options. They’ll be able to help and support your business and give friendly personal service, as well as provide professional care for your website. This can be a good way to make sure none of your money is wasted and that your business continues to thrive into the future.


#2 Not tailoring website design to your audience
Tailoring your website design to your audience is incredibly important. If your audience feels that your website either does not reflect your social media output or is irrelevant to them, you can find yourself missing out on large numbers of customers. It can be sad to see so many customers driven away by such small things like the design of a website or even just the language of your on-site content.

How can you fix this?
You can solve this in multiple ways, such as investing in the best service model for your business, looking into what languages are available, and investing in a web design team that can really help you make your website perfect for your target audience.


#3 Not giving the right level of customer service
Having a website that doesn’t offer the right level of customer service (or any at all) seems to be a common trend in many businesses. Those who are going to your website will want a shopping ‘experience’, and if they don’t get it, they won’t be back a second time.

How can you fix this?
You can fix this through a relatively simple method. Chatbots can offer the ideal way to give a more friendly feel to a website. It can help your customers feel more at home within your website and more likely to stay.

Chatbots can also offer support and prompt questions and conversation so that customers who are really interested can learn more about your business without needing to contact you. This is perfect if your customers are spread around the world and are likely to be using your site while you are out of the office.


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